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Unless you’re a reality star, but who cares about that…

On to more interesting things people, GIORGIO FAREIRA has catapulted into stardom in less than one month.  You may know Giorgio better as “The Singing Sonic Guy”. If you haven’t heard, Giorgio sang and played guitar to place his order at a local Sonic drive-thru. Video posted to Reddit & YouTube. Newspaper and Internet articles written about him. Guest spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. WOW.

Now, Giorgio’s video has over 2 MILLION hits. How did this all happen so quickly? Not only is Giorgio massively talented (and wonderfully sweet, driving around cheering up people’s days at fast food restaurants), but the Internet took notice of him.

I am lucky enough to call myself the former roommate of a friend of Giorgio’s (we call each other “friends” to shorten the lengthy title). Thanks to this I got an inside scoop of what went on behind the scenes of Giorgio’s quick leap to fame. The day after the video was created and posted into the world wide web, I found out that Giorgio was already rushing to complete mixing on his song tracks, in hopes that people would listen to his real music now that they were paying attention.

It worked. Giorgio and his manager are currently in talks with independent and major record labels looking to sign him. Who knew. That one night you decide to do something silly and cool, while making people smile & show casing your talent, really can pay off.



PS- I really (really!) do enjoy reality TV, it’s stars, and it’s fantastic gossip. But real life stars like Giorgio are much better and deserve the spotlight shining on ’em.


Unlike most of my peers, I have never, ever, not even once been to Disney World, Disneyland, or anything else associated with Walt or his leading star, Mickey.

Lucky for us deprived few, YouTube and those who post on it are here to give us the feel of Disney. FOR FREE! People are posting strictly point-of-view shots of Disney’s rides. These videos give the feel of being on the ride without wasting $80+ a day, surrounding yourself with children, adults dressed as animals, and should I mention the crowds?!

I’m sure these POV shots give very little thrill compared to the real thing. The writers over at Vice say they “don’t quite cut it” even though people have gone as far as shooting rides in night vision.

With recent issues like SOPA on America’s back burner, I only image posting virtual POV videos of Disney rides will be removed soon enough.



My goodness, she did.

I have something to get off my chest. And I figure I’ll do it here, for the world to see. I MISSED THE GRAMMYS. Whew! Feels good to get that out. And regardless, I caught up on what I think is the most important part– the fashion that came down the red carpet.

As with all award show looks, there were lots of hits (anyone see Rihanna’s outfit, which she helped design?!) and horrible, awful, distasteful misses.

Now, I’ve always liked Nicki Minaj. I think she’s a good rapper with a cool voice. Nicki has had LOTS of “interesting” looks throughout the years. She’s arrived in outfits with stuffed animals attached to her. Every hair color you could image (including all at once). But this. AH. This has put me over the edge. Nicki showed up in an eye catching red Versace dress. A disastrous one, making her look a little “Red Riding Hood”. Now, this is bad enough. The dress gives her no shape while confusing people about what she’s trying to represent. What realllllllllllly sent people over the edge though, is who she showed up with.


No, wait, she arrived with an old man dressed as The Pope. WHAT?! Yes, Nicki caught attention for this ridiculous stunt. The wrong kind of attention. Nicki, her date, and their outfits made no sense. Not even with each other! “Oh, hey, it’s just The Pope and Red Riding Hood, hangin out.” Super weird.

If Nicki did this just to get publicity, it worked. Maybe even worked against her. In my opinion, she’s already famous and didn’t need to (and just plain shouldn’t) be pulling stunts like this.


Why Nicki? WHY!

Couldn’t they have at LEAST shown up in the Popemobile?!

Love, Hate, & Lana Del Rey


If you missed her performance on SNL, let me spare you and your precious time. “The worst musical act of all time” occurred last month on SNL’s iconic stage at 30 Rock thanks to indie artist Lana Del Rey. Now, this is a difficult title to gain, considering she followed up acts like Ashlee Simpson’s lip-syncing fiasco.

What did Lana lose thanks to her horrible showing? A postponed tour. What did she gain? Widespread recognition.

My first taste of Lana Del Rey came a few months ago. I came across one of her songs on a friend’s Facebook page. When I first heard her gentle, eerie voice, I sort of hated it. By the end of the song though (Video Games), I had a little love affair with her style, both in song and look. I quickly forgot about Lana, only to have her brought back up via her SNL funeral. After her performance, people took to the media to bash her and dig up her past.

Turns out the cool, self-proclaimed “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” Lana was once known as Lizzy Grant. As Lizzy, she tried to launch a singing career. Lizzy had short bleach-blonde hair, thinner lips, and an overall different ‘look’. When that very apparently failed, she was reinvented as long, dark-haired, big lipped, indie Lana Del Rey. BAM. She’s signed to Interscope Records. And who knows if Lizzy Lana chose to reinvent herself at all or if it was some tactful marketing scheme.


What has fans, or ex-fans, so angered now is that they don’t trust this girl. They refuse to accept her as an indie star because of her “plastic surgery” and possibilities of being a trust fund baby. In regard to plastic surgery allegations, rock critic Chuck Eddy states,

“If we want to go on a witch hunt through the entertainment business on who hasn’t had plastic surgery, you’d be left with seven people at the Academy Awards. We are in an age where we expect our entertainers to be beautiful,” says Werde. “Look on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and show me the ugly people.”

Regardless of what you think of Lana Del Rey, she has already made a mark on America, whether it be good or bad. Love her, hate her, Lana Del Rey is going to be around for a while.


Top 10 of ’11

Hello, lovely followers,

As an advertising major, I was unshocklingly drawn to an advertising journal article. 10 Ads Creativity Loved is about none other than, you guessed it, 10 awesomely creative ads! These are ads from all over the world. Hold on to your desks, friends, because your mind may just get blown!

My personal fav of the year was Heineken’s “The Entrance” advertisement. The “tux-clad” gentleman featured in the commercial looks entirely classy, just as Heineken itself. I’ve been surrounded by the wonderful Heineken for, I’m assuming, my entire life thanks to my father’s love affair with it.

I’m proud to say that Heineken has continued to impress me with their ads, commercials and billboards time and again. Lucky for me, and Heineken, “The Entrance” made it onto the Top 10 list. I’m sure Dad will be proud of his lovely Heineken.

Until next time, friends.



SOPA? Nope-a!

Let me start off with this: I know nothing about everything, and won’t ever claim to. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions.

I have never been one for politics. I know what I do and don’t like, however. Texas Republican Lamar Smith and 12 co-sponsors have proposed the Stop Online Piracy Act. This act is intended to stop the theft of intellectual property. I think that the illegal download of copy written songs, movies, etc is wrong. I know that for every person caught for stealing music, hundreds more are not.

What I find to be so terribly wrong with SOPA is that it is not just aiming to protect copy written music, movies, etc. It will allow people to decide whether content put on the Internet should be taken down or not and even go as far as shutting down entire websites like Facebook and Youtube. “All it required was a single letter claiming a “good faith belief” that the target site has infringed on its content. Once Google or PayPal or whoever received the quarantine notice, they would have five days to either abide or to challenge the claim in court.” (Gizmodo).

If we live in a country that has an entire department checking whether we claimed our taxes properly (IRS), why would that same government trust individuals enough to shut down entire websites without any judicial oversight? Our country is largely based on the freedoms of speech and press. Passing an act like SOPA will open the door to take away these, and possibly other, given rights. If SOPA is passed, what will be taken away next?

Barrett, Brian. “What Is SOPA?” Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. Web. 23 Jan. 2012. <http://gizmodo.com/5877000/what-is-sopa&gt;.

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