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If you haven’t seen it, The Truman show is a film from the 90’s in which Jim Carrey plays an insurance salesman who just found out his entire life has been televised. Everyone in his life is an actor, his entire town a set.

Alternet Reality took this idea, stranding a real man in a cabin on a boat. Gamers locate him and tell him what to do, how to rescue himself. To make the game as authentic as possible, the stranded man was blindfolded and brought to a lake in New Jersey. He had no idea what setting he would be in or what he would be up against. He signed a waiver and it was Game On. It’s up to gamers to rescue him. No special effects, no rules, no prizes.

Since its start is October, the number of players has increased from 45 to 1,200. What I wonder is how one man takes direction from so many players?! I guess I’ll have to play to figure it out, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable having so much control over a person’s life. Players even read a case file about the stranded man before playing to “set the scene”.

When asked what’s happen if the stranded man fell off the boat into the water, the game’s creator, Anthony Purzycki, stated, “Then he swims.”

I find this game awesome and creepy all at once. I still have so many questions! At least the stranded man in the game signed a waiver to be a part of the game. If only Jim Carrey knew he were on The Truman Show!



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