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Reveal Your Soft Side!

How do Australians boost Cornetto Enigma’s ice cream cone sales?

Step One: Get an adorable dancing bear (Enigma Bear!) as your mascot

Step Two: Let Enigma Bear dance all over Facebook, YouTube, and Cornetto’s website (250,000+ YouTube views) (56,226 site visits)

Step Three: Let fans Shazam to send messages from Enigma Bear to someone special (13,500 messages sent)

Step Four: Use Rich Media Banners to let fans play classic arcade games and win real toys (25,023,217 impressions made)

Step Five: With a Music Festival and Kinect, let fans BE the Enigma Bear, find their soft side, and “bust out a few love inspired moves”

Step Six: Give away countless hugs and 200,000+ Cornetto Enigma Ice Cream Cones


  • Get over 55,000 new Facebook friends
  • Make 2.2 Million more in sales than previous best quarter
  • Get the highest value share of Multipacks
  • Highest quarterly volume share for AC Nielson in cones EVER






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