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Well, not the whole “other side of the road thing”… Pinterest and Confused.com have teamed up to highlight the dangers of driving in high heels.

As an avid high heel-wearer and driver, I’ve driven in high heels a time or two and I’ve never had a problem with it. I’m generally questioned by people in the car with me about why I won’t switch shoes to drive in, or they’ll want to make sure I’ve got full control of the car. Now, as a disclaimer, I should inform you that I drive an automatic car and I have a feeling this cause is directed to high heeled women driving manual cars.

A video was made showing a woman walking down a sidewalk looking classy and cool in a pair of high heels. She proceeds to get into her car when the camera goes down to the driver pedals. Her feet fumble between the gas, break, and clutch and she can’t drive the car. Her look goes from cool to fool! At the end, “Don’t Drive In High Heels” pops up on the screen. Here, Pinterest got involved with the cause. Women are asked to post pictures on Pinterest wearing their “most preposterous footwear” to be entered for a chance to win some sensible driving shoes.

Do you think driving in heels is okay? Or is it worth jumping on this bandwagon and bringing the cause over the pond to the US?!

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