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Unless you’re a reality star, but who cares about that…

On to more interesting things people, GIORGIO FAREIRA has catapulted into stardom in less than one month.  You may know Giorgio better as “The Singing Sonic Guy”. If you haven’t heard, Giorgio sang and played guitar to place his order at a local Sonic drive-thru. Video posted to Reddit & YouTube. Newspaper and Internet articles written about him. Guest spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. WOW.

Now, Giorgio’s video has over 2 MILLION hits. How did this all happen so quickly? Not only is Giorgio massively talented (and wonderfully sweet, driving around cheering up people’s days at fast food restaurants), but the Internet took notice of him.

I am lucky enough to call myself the former roommate of a friend of Giorgio’s (we call each other “friends” to shorten the lengthy title). Thanks to this I got an inside scoop of what went on behind the scenes of Giorgio’s quick leap to fame. The day after the video was created and posted into the world wide web, I found out that Giorgio was already rushing to complete mixing on his song tracks, in hopes that people would listen to his real music now that they were paying attention.

It worked. Giorgio and his manager are currently in talks with independent and major record labels looking to sign him. Who knew. That one night you decide to do something silly and cool, while making people smile & show casing your talent, really can pay off.



PS- I really (really!) do enjoy reality TV, it’s stars, and it’s fantastic gossip. But real life stars like Giorgio are much better and deserve the spotlight shining on ’em.


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