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Unlike most of my peers, I have never, ever, not even once been to Disney World, Disneyland, or anything else associated with Walt or his leading star, Mickey.

Lucky for us deprived few, YouTube and those who post on it are here to give us the feel of Disney. FOR FREE! People are posting strictly point-of-view shots of Disney’s rides. These videos give the feel of being on the ride without wasting $80+ a day, surrounding yourself with children, adults dressed as animals, and should I mention the crowds?!

I’m sure these POV shots give very little thrill compared to the real thing. The writers over at Vice say they “don’t quite cut it” even though people have gone as far as shooting rides in night vision.

With recent issues like SOPA on America’s back burner, I only image posting virtual POV videos of Disney rides will be removed soon enough.



Comments on: "Oh Mickey You’re So Fine, You’re So Fine You Blow My Mind HEY MICKEY!" (2)

  1. Kiki ferguson said:

    Cool find…..and don’t worry your not the only one in this class who hasn’t been to Disney World! Yeah i was just on youtube checking out the rest of the POV videos and their all really cool. Besides these videos being in high resolution showing every detail and color or the ride, but these videos actually help you decide on making the chose on what rides you’ll enjoy when you make your trip there…This can also help families decide what rides their going to ride before they even start their vacation.

  2. I love Kiki’s idea… until they get taken down, Disney could use this to their advantage. Why not film their own POV of the rides, and send email clips to visitors after they book their trip, but before they get there? It would be a great tool for visitors to get a sneak peek about what they’re in for and there will be less of a chance for them to end up unhappy after waiting in a 3 hour line for a ride that scares their kid.

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