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My goodness, she did.

I have something to get off my chest. And I figure I’ll do it here, for the world to see. I MISSED THE GRAMMYS. Whew! Feels good to get that out. And regardless, I caught up on what I think is the most important part– the fashion that came down the red carpet.

As with all award show looks, there were lots of hits (anyone see Rihanna’s outfit, which she helped design?!) and horrible, awful, distasteful misses.

Now, I’ve always liked Nicki Minaj. I think she’s a good rapper with a cool voice. Nicki has had LOTS of “interesting” looks throughout the years. She’s arrived in outfits with stuffed animals attached to her. Every hair color you could image (including all at once). But this. AH. This has put me over the edge. Nicki showed up in an eye catching red Versace dress. A disastrous one, making her look a little “Red Riding Hood”. Now, this is bad enough. The dress gives her no shape while confusing people about what she’s trying to represent. What realllllllllllly sent people over the edge though, is who she showed up with.


No, wait, she arrived with an old man dressed as The Pope. WHAT?! Yes, Nicki caught attention for this ridiculous stunt. The wrong kind of attention. Nicki, her date, and their outfits made no sense. Not even with each other! “Oh, hey, it’s just The Pope and Red Riding Hood, hangin out.” Super weird.

If Nicki did this just to get publicity, it worked. Maybe even worked against her. In my opinion, she’s already famous and didn’t need to (and just plain shouldn’t) be pulling stunts like this.


Why Nicki? WHY!

Couldn’t they have at LEAST shown up in the Popemobile?!


Comments on: "OH NO SHE DIDN’T" (3)

  1. HAHAHA…I as well missed the Grammy’s but was still informed moments after from nonstop updates and uploads Via the internet and social media websites. Ok so yeah Nicki Minaj is crazy! Like honestly im not even a fan of her work, but i do love how crazy and weird she is! I definitely think shes been in the game too long to be pulling shocking stunts like arriving at the Grammy’s with a Pope impersonator. I had not heard of this until i red your blog and laughed quite loud in the computer lab when looking at the picture.

  2. I thought Nicki’s performance at the Grammy’s was very much like Nicki. I don’t understand why so many people are still in shock over what celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj do, because its obvious that is what they intended it for–shock-value for attention. It would be more interesting to see what they would do if no one gave them the attention they craved for pulling such stunts. I personally do not like performers who rely on this shock-value to be entertaining, your music should be entertaining on its own, otherwise you’re not a true artist.

  3. I missed her performance but could not help but hear about the man dressed up as the Pope. Honestly, I pay no attention to the strange stunts people do to get attention. If you are an entertainer, then entertain. If you are really not that good then do something else for a living like help inspire kids that have real talent make it to the top.

    If you have true talent then there is no need to be more outrageous than Lady Gaga or whomever is in the spotlight at the time. Remember, kids look up to entertainers as role models and try to be like them. Why not be someone that does good things for society and your fans will like you just as much.

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