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Love, Hate, & Lana Del Rey


If you missed her performance on SNL, let me spare you and your precious time. “The worst musical act of all time” occurred last month on SNL’s iconic stage at 30 Rock thanks to indie artist Lana Del Rey. Now, this is a difficult title to gain, considering she followed up acts like Ashlee Simpson’s lip-syncing fiasco.

What did Lana lose thanks to her horrible showing? A postponed tour. What did she gain? Widespread recognition.

My first taste of Lana Del Rey came a few months ago. I came across one of her songs on a friend’s Facebook page. When I first heard her gentle, eerie voice, I sort of hated it. By the end of the song though (Video Games), I had a little love affair with her style, both in song and look. I quickly forgot about Lana, only to have her brought back up via her SNL funeral. After her performance, people took to the media to bash her and dig up her past.

Turns out the cool, self-proclaimed “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” Lana was once known as Lizzy Grant. As Lizzy, she tried to launch a singing career. Lizzy had short bleach-blonde hair, thinner lips, and an overall different ‘look’. When that very apparently failed, she was reinvented as long, dark-haired, big lipped, indie Lana Del Rey. BAM. She’s signed to Interscope Records. And who knows if Lizzy Lana chose to reinvent herself at all or if it was some tactful marketing scheme.


What has fans, or ex-fans, so angered now is that they don’t trust this girl. They refuse to accept her as an indie star because of her “plastic surgery” and possibilities of being a trust fund baby. In regard to plastic surgery allegations, rock critic Chuck Eddy states,

“If we want to go on a witch hunt through the entertainment business on who hasn’t had plastic surgery, you’d be left with seven people at the Academy Awards. We are in an age where we expect our entertainers to be beautiful,” says Werde. “Look on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and show me the ugly people.”

Regardless of what you think of Lana Del Rey, she has already made a mark on America, whether it be good or bad. Love her, hate her, Lana Del Rey is going to be around for a while.



Comments on: "Love, Hate, & Lana Del Rey" (3)

  1. I saw the SNL performance and it was terrible. Her song is good, but I always got a bad vibe from her. This explains why. I didn’t know about her past, but it says a lot about her as an artist. I’m curious to know what kind of music she is actually passionate about performing- if any at all. Clearly her motive is to make money. She’s trying to change the way she’s positioned, and if she knew anything that we as advertising students know, she would have realized that consumers aren’t stupid- they can see through insincerity.

  2. Meghan Miller said:

    Love this post!! I like to consider myself very open minded when it comes to music. I have not heard of this Lana Del Rey, but she sounds like a poser. (I can’t believe I just said poser, but it seemed appropriate.) To imagine someone, especially of the “indie” persuasion, sucking worse than Ashlee Simpson did, I’m honestly frightened. Part of me wants to look up this horrific SNL performance, yet the other part of me may regret the waste of time…hmmm….and her name used to be Lizzy Grant? I don’t get it. Anyone can throw together a “bo-ho-chic-williamsburg” look, but looking like a musician and ACTUALLY being one are two completely different things.

  3. Great Post!….i didn’t see her performance but i do hate it when people lip sink and fake their image. And after watching the Horrible Super Bowl half time show i’ve had it with fake performances. Not only were they lip sinking but the turntables that LMAFO was apparently controlling the music with wasn’t even plugged IN!

    You can’t buy fans, well at least spend money on your self yourself to try and make people like your image. Bottom like Be Yourself!

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